We farm vegetables we love. We serve vegetables we love.

4613 Liberty Ave. Bloomfield.


saturday & sunday: 9am-2pm
wednesday - friday: 7am-2pm



Breakfast and Lunch. Fresh baked everything. Perfect eggs. Coffee from our friends. Eat with us or take it with you.  Our doors are open and we can't wait to share with you.

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Our Small Farm

We tend a 1/2 acre organic farm just outside of Pittsburgh, PA. We grow specialty heirloom vegetables utilizing best practices in organic management. Although small in scale, we strive to be exceptional stewards of the soil and in the community.
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Markets & Pop Ups

From May through October, you can find us at Farmers Markets and pop up events throughout the City.  We use produce from our farm to prepare sandwiches, salads and a variety of desserts. We bake naturally leavened bread fresh each day.
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What We Love to Grow

Check out some of the vegetable varietals that we grow.


“My first loyalty is to the food I'm making and to respect the traditions it comes from and to respect the ingredients I'm using. People have been doing this stuff for millennia. What am I going to add to it that's going to be better?”

— Rick Easton

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Bread & Baked Goods

Whole-grain. Naturally leavened. Made by hand. Traditionally.
Simplicity in compostion.