Fallen Aspen

Jake and Desiree provide us with ethically raised meats for our shop and constant inspiration.  Their pastured pork and chickens are some of the best we've tasted.


Mickley Organic

Some call Howard Mickley The Godfather of organic farming in Western PA. We just think his eggs are special. Howard's eggs are free-range and soy-free; and he grows and grinds his own grain for the chicken feed. 


Who Cooks for You

Aeros and Chris got us through our first winter in the shop with a constant supply of potatoes, shoots, and loving advice. 

Over the years, they have played the roles of employer, mentor, vendor, customer and friend.


Lubecki Peasant Farm

Justin and Nick reign over our hearts. Justin helps us find the best milk and cream for our small coffee program and surprises us every time we see him. He also powers Ferment Pittsburgh.